How Thomas Came to Rule the World Urland / Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam

di 14 november 2017 t/m vr 17 november 2017

The Big Bang of Thomas, king of kings.

“What I am about to attempt can be interpreted by some as the end of humanity.
It’s not. It’s the end of humanity, as we know it.”

Ever since I was little I always felt out of place. Like I didn’t belong.
I could no longer continue as I was going.
I felt endangered in my freedom and
started to deny the freedom of others.
I needed to be connected. I needed to be freed from myself.
In that pursuit of freedom I found more than I bargained for.
My ascension to the throne had become inevitable.

In How Thomas Came To Rule The World
he will go back to where it all began.
The Big Bang of Thomas, king of kings.


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Concept en spel Thomas Dudkiewicz Vormgeving Marijn Alexander de Jong Geluidsontwerp Tomas Loos Kostuumadvies Martina Bauer Eindregie Ludwig Bindervoet Productie Urland, Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam Campagnebeeld Joost de Haas


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Thomas Dudkiewicz

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